Active Health & Wellbeing

Can we help you take your first steps to better health?

How to start

We're here to help you find easy, low cost ways of becoming more active. Idea number one - walking

  • If you can become more active you can lower your risk of developing colon, breast and lung cancer by between 40-50%
  • Did you know that a brisk 10 minute walk burns off about 50 calories - that's about 10 strawberries! 

Introducing Active 10


To support people to build 10 brisk minutes of walking into their daily lives, PHE has worked with University of Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University, and the National Centre of Sport and Exercise Medicine to create a new Active 10 App specifically designed to encourage us to walk for at least 10 minutes every day. Get hold of the app HERE

How else can we support you to get active?

You can join a Walking for Health walk in almost every town in Devon. These are graded walks. Choose a level 1 walk for fully accessible walks of up to half an hour. Level 2 and 3 walks are longer and on more varied terrains. Search for a walk near you

Would you like some more easy ideas about how to get active from your doorstep for free?
Take a look at our 5 top ideas

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How to stay active

We'd love to carry on conversations with you to help you get and stay active. 

In May it's Naturally Health Month and there are so many outdoor activities to join in from surfing to bird walks and wetland rambles to green exercise. Find out more HERE

In June it's the return of the phenomenally successful This Girl Can campaign which gets women in Devon casting away fear of judgement and getting stuck into all exercise.

If you'd like our help to inspire you in lots of active ways get in touch:

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