About Active Devon

Active Devon Network

The Delivery Partner Network 

A network of local organisations who share an interest in a more active Devon and are resourced and managed through service agreements to deliver elements of Active Devon’s programme of work.

The Stakeholder Network

The organisations, agencies, groups and individuals operating in Devon with whom we share an interest in a more active Devon.  The Stakeholder Network includes those organisations which are in the Delivery Partner Network.

Through the component parts identified above Active Devon operates with varying degrees of control.  The Board and Senior Management clearly direct and control the areas of work undertaken by the staff team.  At the other end of the range, where Active Devon is operating through stakeholder and partner networks, progress towards our vision is achieved by influence and mutual agreement.

Any organisation or individual with an interest or involvement in physical activity or sport can join the partnership by contacting Andy Sloper Business Development Manager on 01392 925150 or via email andy.sloper@activedevon.org.