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NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit video clips

The NSPCC Child Protection in Sport Unit has produced 15 video clips designed to help anyone involved in sports activities with children and young people - including coaches, volunteer helpers, activity organisers, management committees, participants and parents. Their aim is to ensure that children and young people take part in sports activities in an environment that makes their welfare the top priority - so they can stay safe, enjoy and achieve. The videos relate to a range of safeguarding and child protection situations and issues that commonly arise in sports settings including bullying, responding to concerns and supervision levels, and provide advice and guidance about how to respond to them. The clips will give you examples of what you and your club or organisation need to do to safeguard the children and young people you work with. They feature both club and school settings, but the messages in them apply to everyone who works with children and young people in sport professionals and volunteers in any role, any sport or activity and at any venue or site.

To watch the clips click on the link on this page.