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Clubmark Accreditation

Sport England's Clubmark Resource Pack states that Clubmark accreditation is awarded to acknowledge the fact that your club has complied with its licensed accrediting agency's key requirements with regard to:

  • Its playing/participation programme.
  • Duty of care and safeguarding and protecting children.
  • Sports equity and ethics.
  • Club management.

Because it is a single, national standard, Clubmark gives sports clubs of all types structure and direction. This is of benefit in several ways:

Increasing membership: Evidence gathered from Clubmark accredited clubs suggests that gaining the award has enhanced their ability to recruit young people and led to increased levels of participation among young people, coaches and volunteers. It also gives parents/guardians confidence when choosing a club for their children.

Developing your club: Part of the accreditation process is to develop an action plan for the future. You will be putting into place a foundation to encourage and attract young members; enabling your club to build a strong, sustainable future.

Developing your coaches and volunteers: Underpinning club success are coaches and volunteers. Clubmark incorporates devices to further develop the skills of all the people involved in your club.

Raising your club's profile: Once accredited, your club is listed on a national database and in other sporting directories. This will help you to attract new members and to grow.

Clubmark core criteria are the result of consultation between Sport England and a range of NGBs plus, more recently, CSPs. Normally, an affiliated club works directly with its own NGB to meet the criteria. A licensed NGB would normally expect to assess and award the accreditation. CSPs tend to accredit clubs that either operate in a sport where the NGB is not licensed, or in sports where a licensed NGB (for example for reasons of capacity) is unable, or is happy to work with/through an appropriate third party, to accredit clubs in its sport.

Below is a list of links to templates from the Sport England Clubmark website to help your club produce development plans as well as format policies, procedures and printed matter. They are supplied in a format that you can go in and input the information you need to or change parts so that it relates to your club.

  1. Code of practice for club officials and volunteers

  2. Guidelines for dealing with an incident/accident

  3. Incident/accident report form

  4. Attendance register

  5. Junior membership form

  6. Task description: Head Junior Coach

  7. Task description: Assistant Junior Coach

  8. Risk assessment form

  9. Equity policy statement

  10. Constitution

  11. Code of practice for parents/carers

  12. Code of practice for junior members

  13. Introductory letter to parents/carers

  14. Club partnership agreement

  15. Development plan

  16. Volunteer agreement form

  17. School – Club links agreement