Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the deadline for applying?
A: The next deadline for Sportivate applications is Monday 18th January 2016.

Q: What can Sportivate funding pay for?
A: Sportivate funding can be claimed for staff and/or coaching fees, equipment purchases, venue hire, training and marketing costs. However, cost per application will be taken into account when submitting applications.

Q: What cost per head should I be aiming for?
A: We do not put a cost per head on applications as we understand that in some instances costs will be higher. Please get in touch if you are worried about the costs of your application and we will discuss this with you.

Q: When can the funded activity(ies) take place?
A: As soon as you have received confirmation that you have been successful, activity can commence.

Q: Once I have submitted a bid, will I get the chance to make amendments?
A: Yes. If Active Devon believes that the application could be modified to be made more acceptable, we will negotiate with you to agree this.

Q: How will our application(s) be assessed?
A: Each and every application received will be assessed on its own merit by a Sportivate board which is appointed by Active Devon. Each application must also be approved by Sport England.

Q: Does the activity have to be an NGB Sport?
A: We are looking to make sure there is long term sustainability for the participants so NGB sports are likely to be heavily linked with Sportivate. However, we will fund activities that are not directly linked to NGBs providing that there is a confirmed local need/demand.

Q: What is a 'Completed Participant'?
A: The Sportivate application form will ask how many completed participants you will be working with. One completed participant is someone who attends all but one session as a minimum (i.e attended 5 out of 6 sessions, 6/7 or 7/8). Please make sure any application bears this in mind as funding could later be withdrawn if reported figures do not match your original application.

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Any of your questions which cannot be answered can be address by emailing your local Development Coordinator.