Satellite Clubs Guide (7.6 MB)

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Satellite clubs

Many young people stop playing sport when they leave school but Satellite Clubs aims to prevent this by making the transition from school group to community club easier.

Satellite Clubs or outposts of existing community sports clubs, many of which are based on school or college sites, will help us get more people playing sport. They will also ensure more young people are able to continue to take part in sport as they transition from school to community sport. We will offer every secondary school in Devon the opportunity to host a Satellite Club.

What is a Satellite Club?

At the heart of every Satellite Club is an established community sports club (hub club) that will be working with their NGB who, with the support of Active Devon will establish an extension of its club in a host school or college. At the heart of every Satellite Club are the young people who take part and we are focused on the development of those young people through sport and community club activity.

Satellite Club Toolkit