Golden Mile

Take a look!

A brand new all weather Golden Mile track was opened at Ladysmith School in Exeter recently. Watch the video to see what impact it is having on the whole school community. Every school in Devon should join in every day as every golden mile counts!

A magic golden mile of activity every day is recommended for childhood good health, as it gets the heart pumping, the blood circulating and the muscles moving.

This Golden Mile is part of a national initiative to get school aged children more active being championed by Premier Sport who are working with Devon schools to improve the health and fitness of all children in the county.

Children can skip it, run it, walk it and even scoot it – however they do it, every mile on the track, around the grounds, in the playground or travelling to and from school will count towards precious golden mile activity points.

So how can your school get involved? (and why wouldn't you!!)

  • It's free
  • It's good for the school community
  • It's good for children to be involved in monitoring their own health
  • The activity levels of all children are benchmarked so the school can track progress
  • It's FUN!

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