The #MiniVictory Toolkit (for coaches)


“My #MiniVictory is that I have built excellent relationships and trust with my players.”

“My #MiniVictory is that I get people coming again and again to my club, because I build success into every session by praising and setting realistic aims.”

Do you have a top coaching tip or do you do something in your session that makes you proud? We call this a #MiniVictory

What’s Your #MiniVictory?

For example. Is your session:

  • Personalised? Do you consult and involve your group in the planning of sessions?
  • Inspiring? Do you have a great warm up or game that you would like to share?
  • Creative? Do you encourage the YP to develop their own games and rules?
  • Social? Do you celebrate birthdays or build in time for social catch ups?
  • Interactive? Have you ever filmed your session and shared your practice?
  • Rewarding? Do you use a mix of incentives, rewards and recognition?

If you can answer yes to any of these questions, please show us and inspire others.

What to do

  • Film yourself on camera telling us about your #MiniVictory (hold the camera on its side ie landscape).
  • Please say – “Hello. My name is xxxx I’m a xxxxx. My MiniVictory is xxxxxx”. Then give more detail on your #MiniVictory.
  • Next film a small bit of your session that demonstrates your MiniVictory or your top coaching tip in action.

Send your clip via We Transfer to