A physical activity instructor providing yoga to a large group of people at a park in Barnstaple on a sunny day.Photo Credit: Park Yoga Barnstaple

Physical Activity Providers Resources to Help Achieve Best Practice

Physical activity providers, these resources can guide and support you and your organisation to meet requirements and achieve best practice.
A family out cycling along a countryside path on a sunny day, with grass either side of the path and trees in the distance. The dad is cycling a trailer bike with two small girls sat on a back. The mum is also riding a trailer bike with a young boy sat on the back. Both trailer bikes are also carrying items for the day out.

Join the Active Devon Summer Challenge to Move More this August

During August friends and family including adults and children can get into a summer routine of being active daily with this summer challenge.
A group of coaches having a conversation at a training event.

Safeguarding Training for Funded and Non-Funded Partners

We actively encourage all partners to regularly complete and keep up to date with safeguarding training. See these training links.
Active Devon discussing partner opportunities with a Naturally Healthy partner at a meeting about the Naturally Healthy campaign.Active Devon

Partner Opportunities and Examples of Our Collaborative Work

Explore partner opportunities and see how we can work together and collaborate for a healthier, connected and more active Devon.
A group of older people enjoying the accessible beach ball session at Foxhole Community Centre in Paignton. The sessions are run by J-Step and is a project Active Devon is supporting.Active Devon

Working with Health and Care Partners on the Importance of Physical Activity

We work with health, care and local authority partners to address inequality and create better health outcomes for people in Devon.
A swim group of older people open water sea swimming in Northern Devon with one person close up and the other swimmers behind in the distance.Active Devon

Join the Movement and Help People in Devon Live Longer Better

Unite with partners and join the Live Longer Better Movement in Devon to help promote and encourage active and healthy ageing.
A group of older women doing balancing movements at a Healthy Balance Pilates session in Barnstaple. The session, which is outdoors surrounded by trees and nature, is a Connecting Actively to Nature (CAN) project and has been funded by Active Devon's CAN.Active Devon

In Later Life Strength and Balance Activity Can Help Reduce the Risk of Falls

For health and care professionals, here's some strength and balance resources and guidance to support you when helping older people.