Active Devon – A very healthy organisation!

Active Devon has passed its own health check with flying colours.  It’s been rated ‘very good’ by the independent industry standard ‘Quest’ quality scheme which monitors the effectiveness of the UK’s sport and leisure providers.

We are a community focussed, not for profit organisation, inspiring and supporting people in Devon to lead active lifestyles, whether that’s getting active for the first time, or continuing throughout their lives.

The Quest report highlights many areas of strong performance, including:

• A very passionate, knowledgeable and capable staff team, demonstrating high levels of commitment

• Partnership working and collaboration — producing a good reputation locally and nationally.

• A positive ‘can do’ mentality, with challenges met head on.

• Proactive approach to embedding disability and inclusion across the organisation.

• Depth and breadth of knowledge about the county, and a commitment to put people at the heart of decision making.

“I’m delighted with this report and very proud of everyone involved in Active Devon because this is recognition of a great team effort.” said Matt Evans, Chief Executive, Active Devon.

“It’s fantastic to have external recognition of the strength of our people, both staff and partners.“

“They are all truly passionate and committed to making a difference in the community.  We remain focussed on our strategy, which runs through to 2022 delivering our mission to inspire and support local people to get, and stay, active.”

The Quest report suggested that Active Devon could do better in raising public awareness of the work it does and the support it offers.

“We accept that we’ve not been very good at ‘blowing our own trumpet.” said Matt Evans

“We are taking steps to change this, including some high profile initiatives this year, such as the ‘Devon Girls Can’ campaign which was featured heavily in the local media, and our current ‘Big Devon March’ which has seen a record number of local people and businesses sign-up.  We are also expanding our social media activity and developing a new, interactive, website.”

The report comes as Active Devon makes plans for the year ahead, so it is an ideal opportunity to reflect on the strengths and improvement areas. It’s an exciting time to be part of Active Devon and, along with partners, the organisation is looking forward to delivering even more community impact.

“There are many wonderful opportunities in Devon to get more active.” said Hannah Worth, Director, Active Devon.

“Whether it’s making use of our vast array of beautiful natural environment, or great initiatives like ‘Couch to 5k’ supporting thousands of people in Devon to lace up their trainers, what really matters is increasing our breathing and heart rate for at least 10 minutes a day.”

“The health benefits are so strong that if exercise was a pill, it would be hailed as a wonder drug.”
“We direct a lot of our resources into reaching Devon’s least active and those who have barriers to overcome This sees us develop exciting initiatives that redefine how exercise is delivered and promoted to gently shift people’s daily habits.”

“With that in mind, Devon people will hear from us much more throughout 2019!”

Quest: Executive Summary