A background silhouette illustration of a park environment with trees and grass, and a person walking a dog, a person cycling and a person using an adaptive bike, with buildings and wind turbines in the distance. Over the top of the image are the words, we've signed the Going for Green Pledge, along with the Pedal for Paris and Sport England logos.

Active Devon Signs Going for Green Pledge

We have signed the Going for Green Pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment.

2024 will be the third time Paris has hosted the Olympic Games, 100 years after it last hosted it. It was also at Paris that the international treaty on climate change was adopted back in 2015. The importance of this treaty was highlighted by last year’s global average surface temperature being 1.41 degrees higher than the last time Paris hosted the games.

Sport England has recently launched Every Move, its strategy to promote environmental sustainability, including more than £40 million of new funding to promote green innovation and participation, and helping sport and physical activity organisations become more resilient to climate change. It is raising awareness of this through a new campaign linked to the Olympics.

Pedal for Paris is an eight-day bike ride from Manchester to Paris celebrating this connection between the games and climate action. Taking place from the 16 – 23 July 2024, the chair of Sport England, Chris Boardman, is leading the ride and hopes it will encourage the sport and physical activity sector to shift its work in tackling climate change up a gear.

There is a Going for Green Pledge running alongside the bike ride to allow organisations to agree to becoming more environmentally sustainable. We have signed this pledge as part of our ongoing commitment to the environment.

Here’s a short video of Active Devon’s CEO Matt Evans, who talks about Active Devon’s pledge, plus how we work with partners to support people to travel actively.

The pledge contains five elements that organisations sign up to, but as we have already been working in this area, we are not going from a standing start!

We have already made progress on:

  • Reducing energy and water usage – we have been estimating our energy usage since last year as a part of our internal carbon calculation. Last year we developed our own carbon calculator to help us estimate our own energy usage. By analysing the findings we’ve been able to understand our usage and been able to make changes aimed at reducing it.
  • Championing walking, cycling and lift sharing when travelling to activities – this has perfect alignment to our Everyday Movement strategy theme, through which we have run walking challenges, adult cycle confidence training and other initiatives aimed at supporting more people to choose walking, wheeling and cycling to get around.
  • Boosting activity to nurture nature and wildlife – we co-lead Devon’s Naturally Healthy Forum. The forum promotes use of Devon’s natural environment and runs campaigns, such as Naturally Healthy May, to encourage people to get out and be active.

The two remaining elements are ones where we will be focusing on in the future:

  • Drastically reduce reliance on single use plastics.
  • Recycling waste and increasing the reuse of sports equipment and kit.

There are many ways you can take steps to becoming greener, from promoting active travel to improving energy efficiency and increasing biodiversity at your venues and events. We are excited to be doing our bit, and supporting partners to get involved too, so we can all still enjoy the Olympics in another 100 years!

If you have any questions about the pledge, or would like to get involved, please contact Active Devon’s Aaron Harverson by emailing Aaron.Harverson@activedevon.org.