Adult Cycle Training Scheme – Participant Declaration

The Adult Cycle Training scheme is managed by Active Devon on behalf of Devon County Council.

Participant Declaration

1. All named participants consider themselves fit to participate in the activity and will advise the instructor of any medical conditions. All named participants will ensure that they have all the relevant medication with them at all times (if required). All named participants will consult a doctor prior to the activity if they are in any doubt about their health.

2. All named participants are responsible for their own safety at all times and are aware that there is always an element of risk when cycling on a public highway.

3. Whilst every care will be taken to ensure your safety, your instructor provides public liability insurance only and not personal accident insurance for anyone taking part in this activity, nor do they accept responsibility or liability for the actions or personal behaviour of participants. Devon County Council, Active Devon, your training provider or instructor are not responsible for any injury to persons, or loss or damage to property which is not the result of the negligence of an instructor.

4. All named participants understand that they will be required to wear a cycle helmet for the cycling activity/activities. All named participants are responsible for the bicycle that they are using and are confident that it is in a safe and usable condition prior to commencing the activity.

5. All named participants understand that Active Devon or Devon County Council may contact you for feedback on the cycle confidence session and to inform me of similar promotions.

6. I can confirm I have read the privacy notice for road safety