Emma Kessie - Devon Girls Can Ambassador

Image from Emma Kessie


Emma Kessie


Devon Girls Can Ambassador


“I am teaching (my children) the importance of a healthy lifestyle."

Working in the fitness industry for 20 years I have worked with lots of people and friends encouraging them and teaching them about the importance of exercise. It has been such a rewarding experience especially when you see the impact it has on their health, their family and the goals that they have achieved. It also brings into focus the barriers they have had to over-come.

Who Inspires You? My family for sure! Seeing the enjoyment I get out of my sport I see the same enjoyment in the children when they play sport. I am teaching them the importance of a healthy lifestyle. I know that they will grow up with sport being part of their life which will then pass onto others and their future families

Why Did You Want To Get Involved In This Girl Can? Because I want women to know that we all have our busy lives, work and family commitments but you can still get out and exercise and do it for you I love being able to get out from my busy day working full time juggling the 5 children. When I’m out exercising its me achieving my personal goals me being able to let go for half an hour.