Lisa Lea Weston - Devon Girls Can Ambassador

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Lisa Lea Weston


Devon Girls Can Ambassador


“Do it because you can...!”

I was fit, then I wasn’t for a long was a period of University then IVF then children. Between children I begun having a go at jogging with a few new mum friends and did Race for Life. I struggled. Then I was diagnosed with aggressive breast cancer. I had 8.5 months of gruelling treatment with young children. It brought me to my knees and I struggled to walk to school and back. Post treatment we went on a Cancer Lifeline South West Time to Retune break. It was utterly incredible and restorative and I wanted to give something back as the break was free. A friend of ours died a year later and I had been beginning to try and build muscle and fitness. My mum suggested I channel my anger and run the 6 mile road race and raise money. Some friends and a few pre school mums said they couldn’t let me run alone.

Why Did You Want To Get Involved In This Girl Can? As our little group called Scrambled Legs has grown, it’s not just me running on my own. I have learnt about friendship, exercise, what it means to commit to exercise. I have learnt about our well being as women and about the barriers and the impact, both good and tough, on relationships from those I have come to know. I believe we have come to embody some of the campaign that I knew nothing of until recently – so feel very in tune with it.

Who Inspires You? My partner, children, my mum and my wonderful friends.

In her own words...

"Being an ambassador has made me feel proud of doing something that I was just doing from being "me"...really very normal...taking one day at a time trying to recover from cancer treatment. Knowing the need to regain my body was key at a survival level but then at a love of life level, for myself and my young family, my friends and my work...and getting fitter then connected with the possibility of giving something back too...for an amazing small charity that gave us a humbling amount of "love" & kindness. Being an ambassador has felt like a lovely acknowledgement of how important being every day "ordinary" can be inspiring to others. What stops us are the barriers in our heads and knowing others truly feel the same...sharing that together is so strength giving! Being an Ambassador is for me about allowing oneself to get to a place will just have a go and I have learnt for myself and then from the others who have joined me, that the biggest barrier is fear of judgement...from other women. In my group (Scramabled Legs') it is no longer "me" or my journey that pulls people in to running ...because the running together makes us feel so enlivened. There is a passion, a real drive, fire, the stuff of life and community.

I am really grateful to be an Ambassador. It has honoured something inside of me and helped me have a little more confidence to voice feelings/ideas. I am passionate about life. Exercise is not exercise. It is moving, pushing our hearts to beat faster, it's the healthy stuff of life and the key to staying alive".