Natasha Austin - Devon Girls Can Ambassador

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Natasha Austin


Devon Girls Can Ambassador


“Move your body, Love yourself, Sparkle on!”

Having a heart defect from birth, as well as having weight issues, I was always reluctant to do any form of exercise and used my heart condition as an excuse not to. But in 2012 I had a heart valve replacement which gave me a new lease of life. Being obesely overweight, my surgeons’ last words to me were: “you need to lose weight”. Having two young sons to look after I knew I needed to get active to do this. So I got in the pool, deciding I had to put my health first and not worry about what others thought. I started swimming, then, due to not being able to drive anymore I took up cycling too. A dear friend suggested I could take part in a Triathlon.

I initially dismissed and laughed at this suggestion, thinking someone like me can’t do things like that, besides I can’t run! Well, she planted that seed which grew over many lengths of swimming. And after turning 40 in 2015, I decided to give my self a challenge and took up running as well. I trained by myself for 9 months and in May 2016 took part in my first Novice Triathlon. I felt amazing! I’m signed up again for May 2017 and have inspired 5 other parents from my kids school to take part too. The training is well under way. My weight has come down by 3 stone. I still would like to loose more, but I feel and look so much better.

Why Did You Want To Get Involved In This Girl Can? I felt very privileged to be asked and I just want to tell everyone that If I can do it, then you can too!

Who Inspires You? My kids and their growth mind set of ‘I can’t do it yet!” has greatly inspired me. And I’d really like to thank my dear friend Lizzie for believing in me and encouraging me in the first place.