Rosie Tasker - Devon Girls Can Ambassador

Image from Rosie Tasker


Rosie Tasker


Devon Girls Can Ambassador


“It takes two weeks to make a habit lets take the next step together and start something new.”


What have you learnt about the THIS GIRL CAN campaign so far? Ive learnt that the THIS GIRL CAN campaign has made women feel more confident and more likely to take part in exercise as there is more support to help women feel motivated and is giving women an opportunity to find a type of exercise they enjoy and can achieve.

What is your goal to achieve throughout the campaign? For example, how many women might you activate? My goal throughout this campaign is to ensure my participants feel inspired each week to come back to my classes and achieve their own personal goal. I would also love to see all my classes full of new and existing participants.

Tell us a bit about your story? Ive always danced as a young child taking part in shows or competitions. After finishing my degree in dance and theatre and I came back home to Exeter and started my Exercise to music - fitness instructing and Zumba qualification. From this I started teaching Legs bums and tums, conditioning, dance fitness and Zumba full time. I feel so lucky to have a job I love and it never feels like going to work. Even though my job is physically tiring seeing my participants each week reaching there goals , doing something out of their comfort zone and giving a Zumba class a go gives me motivation. Having also started a new job in the fitness industry I'm learning new fitness skills this reminds me that it's okay to feel out of your comfort zone to reach your next goal.

What, or who, inspires you? All the women each week who participate in my classes inspire me , mothers , students , busy full time workers who make that time for themselves out of their busy lives to get fit and active!