Devon Women Can

I’ll never forget the time when I stood in the House of Commons on the 22nd February 2017, watching the latest campaign advert for This Girl Can, my eyes brimming with tears of pride. 

I stood in the room overlooking the Thames, alongside Tracey Crouch, the Minister for Sport, my two female colleagues Louise and Lorraine and our Devon Girls Can Ambassadors Emma and Dee. 

Listening to Maya Angela’s ‘Phenomenal Women’ booming out of the speakers and watching the masses of incredible women shaking their booties to Zumba, racing hard on the tracks, counting lengths in the pool, puffing, sweating and punching their proud fists in the air. Women of all shapes, of all sizes, of all age and of all ethnicity. 

When the advert ended, I cheered and whooped louder than anyone else (so my colleague Louise said!). I do recall frantically wiping away tears so I could shake the hand of someone from Sport England for putting together an awesome campaign that I had the absolute pleasure of working on. 

As a result, I can now look back over the last four years with Active Devon at some of the projects I have been a part of; collaborating with female delivery partners, female co-workers and female participants. And it has been epic. 

To name a few, Charlotte Bowen and Kate Hutchings for their outstanding work with Girls Active at South Dartmoor Community College and their two Devon Girls Can Ambassadors, Amber and Maddie. Also a special mention to Lisa Lea-Weston at the wonderful Scrambled Legs FKF running group in Chudleigh and Angela Rimmer and her women’s TBirds Netball Club. And this is to name but a few. 

I can come away from Active Devon feeling more empowered as a woman than I ever have before. I have met women who have changed my perspective on life and have helped me overcome my own battles with mental health with the use of activity. I have been inspired to alter the way I look at activity itself and have been given the self-belief and confidence that I did not have before. I live a happier, more fulfilled life because of the women I’ve met through Active Devon. 

So, if you’re reading this now and think that you may need a little bit of this magic, then please get in touch with us here at Active Devon. We will always do our very best to signpost you, help you or work with you to create some awesomeness that will ultimately get more women active and more importantly, keep them stay active.