CAN Volunteers


Are you interested in helping other people to get out, enjoy life and become part of a friendly community?

As a CAN Volunteer, we would love you to bring a range of skills and qualities:

 Passionate – about the natural environment and being active in natural settings.
 Lived experience – about the impact of being active in nature has had on your life.
 Supportive – of your local ‘active in nature’ projects and signposting people to them.
 Genuine interest – in people: approachable; enjoy listening and talking.
 Engaging – with the CAN programme with enthusiasm.
 Sharing – key messages to help drive behaviour change in your local community.
 Advocating – being an advocate for the CAN programme.
 Volunteering – get involved and actively participate in volunteer opportunities to support
people to get active in nature within your local community.

Swimming image