My First Rugby Ball

“The legacy partners were rock solid in their belief that we should give every child in Exeter the chance to experience a lasting journey into rugby. That journey begins with the new book that we are offering, is reinforced with high quality coaching in schools and ends with a proper progression and provision into local clubs”. Active Devon

Every Key Stage One and Foundation child in Exeter received a free, specially commissioned book about Rugby as a part of Exeter’s Rugby World Cup 2015 Legacy commitment. Active Devon, Exeter City Council and other partners have been guiding the legacy programme in Exeter and firmly put children and families at the heart of their work.

The book is being read to children as part of lessons and assemblies and then discussions take place around the core values of rugby. The rugby world cup legacy partnership have then arranged for some practical coaching sessions in school, where a local fitness and rugby coach will work intensively with key PE teachers in school to upskill them and promote exciting new ways of delivering rugby multi – skills in their schools.

Teachers will cascade this training down through the whole school, creating a lasting provision and an exciting environment in which rugby can thrive for years to come

What the teachers said…

“One girl in my class is normally really reluctant to try new things, particularly with outdoor PE. She can become very tearful and disengaged. When she first went out for rugby she tried to make excuses to go
back inside. However by the end she had a new found love for rugby. After school she was telling her dad how great it was. She engaged completely with the next two sessions and is keen to do more”.

“One boy in my class has a heart condition and had major surgery as an infant. He sometimes becomes quite anxious when exercising and taking part in PE. However, with rugby he had a new found confidence and took part with huge enthusiasm. His parents commented on how proud they were and how pleased”.

“The sessions that you did with Key Stage 1 were fantastic and the children have a new passion for rugby” Teacher Countess Wear Primary School

What the children said…

“I learnt from the book that you have to put the ball on the line to score tries”

“My dad and I help each other to pass the ball to each other”

“I’ve never played rugby before and now I like it”

“I’ve taken the book home and we’ve read it as a family”

“I like the part when somebody puts a ball down and everybody just bundles into each other to try and get the ball”

“I’ve learned that to score is called a try”

“I like the book because Mini likes to be kicked and thrown”


  • 3000 children received a personal copy of My First Rugby Ball
  • 46 key staff in primary schools will be trained in how to deliver rugby Multi -skills sessions in schools
  • 23 Exeter schools received 3 specialist and individualised coaching sessions for Foundation, Year 1 and Year 2 children.
  • Up to 3000 children will receive enhanced rugby coaching in schools through cascade training.