A group of older men and women at an Alzheimers Pilates group, enjoying indoor exercising. They are sat down opposite each other and holding magnets over their head which are connecting with each other.Photo Credit: Twonames Photography

Join the Physical Activity Providers Network

Join the physical activity providers network for up-to-date news, views, training, insights and resources to support you when helping others.
Photo Credit: Sport England

New Pilot NETBALLHer Delivers Female Health Awareness Through Physical Activity

Secondary schools can take part in this new pilot co-designed by England Netball and Swansea University in collaboration with Active Devon.
A group of refugee men stood with bicycles on grass near a path on a sunny day, whilst taking part in cycle orientation with recycled bikes organised by Hikmat CIC.Photo Credit: Hikmat CIC

Creating Inclusive and Diverse Environments for Physical Activity

Let's connect, share and learn from each other to create inclusive and diverse environments for physical activity within our communities.
A group of refugees and asylum seekers staying in Dilkhusa hotel taking part in a football session as a result of the Together Fund. The group are all joining hands in the middle by way of getting themselves ready for the game.Photo Credit: Toby Adamson

Reducing Inequalities So Everyone in Devon Can Be Active for Life

Learn how we work with partners and communities at reducing inequalities, so everyone has the opportunity to enjoy an active life.
Active Devon

Announcing the Winners of Our Active Devon Volunteer Awards for 2023

Our judging panel met at the end of September, and we are pleased to announce the winners of our Active Devon Volunteer Awards for 2023!
Four member of The North Devon Downs Group taking part in an outdoor activity. There's one woman, and three young men who are giving the thumbs up. They are being helped by an instructor who is showing them how to cross from one platform to another. The North Devon Downs Group received Together Funding.Photo credit: Lynn Ashman

We Will Keep Starting Conversations to Help Close the Inequality Gap

Active Devon's Hannah Worth explains how we're trying to close the inequality gap between those who access active-lifestyles and those who don't.
Adapted photo of a bright blue sky with clouds shaped to say CO2Unsplash

Sharing Tips on How We Measure and Manage Our Carbon Footprint

Read about our approach to environmental sustainability and access useful tips on how to measure and manage your carbon footprint.

Shortlist Announced for Active Devon’s Volunteer Awards 2023

The shortlist of nominees for the Active Devon Volunteer Awards 2023 has now been selected and we are excited to announce who they are.
Active Devon

Recruiting Board Members and Chair for the Active Devon Board

We're looking for exceptional people to join our Board and provide the strategic direction, oversight and passion to deliver our ambition.
An older person volunteer helping a group of young children plant some seeds at Orchard Forest School.Photo Credits: Orchard Forest School

Movement for Health and Wellbeing in Early and Later Life

Learn about our collaborative work to support good health and wellbeing in early and later life for healthier and happier lives.