Children and Young People Enjoying the Devon School Games Events

The Devon School Games inspires children and young people to be physically active for life through positive experiences of daily activity and competition, and offers the fantastic opportunity to try new sports and activities.

Through the Devon School Games we aim to provide every child with a positive experience in an environment where the young person’s motivation, competence and confidence are at the centre of everything we do.

During the 2021 – 2022 academic year Active Devon and the Devon School Games Organisers hosted a number of face-to-face Devon School Games Events for mainstream and SEND school children across Devon, including the following events: Year 7 Transition Team Building and Orienteering, Neon Run, SEND Rugby, SEND Cricket, SEND Boccia and the #UnitedbyB2022 SEND Swim Festival, which was also open to mainstream primary school children.

Here’s a selection of photos that capture the fun, enjoyment and celebrations had by all at several of these events.