Devon’s Biggest Ever Community Movement Challenge Ready to Launch

Following a difficult period for many, Active Devon, Travel Devon and Devon County Council are launching a new, digitally enabled community movement challenge. Beginning 6 July and running over the summer, Let’s Move will offer Devon’s communities a chance to move more, celebrate our local communities and to win great prizes.

To learn more and to sign up, please visit the Let’s Move challenge and campaign page here.

In overcoming these challenges and moving beyond the obstacles life throws at us, Let’s Move is also an inclusive celebration of every community across Devon, as well as how physical activity and movement can help us all, as both individuals and as communities, shape a better future for ourselves, the environment, and those around us.

Built around the maxim that “a little change makes a big difference”, Let’s Move offers everyone in Devon the opportunity to connect online with those in their community, inspiring and supporting each other to be more active. By connecting in new ways, and by engaging with our bodies and our environments through movement, Let’s Move will highlight the power of being active.

Using innovative digital technology, Let’s Move will use a community-based model to engage local towns, villages, wards and parishes to get involved and lead the change in their own lives. The challenge will centre on ‘moving minutes’ which will either be recorded via smartphones, wearable activity trackers or be entered manually.

With hundreds of individual and community prizes to be won, Let’s Move aims to be Devon’s biggest ever physical activity and wellbeing challenge. Accompanied by a user generated content (UGC) and social media campaign, Let’s Move will showcase stories of people overcoming challenges to be more active, and how this changes their lives.

The campaign aims to drive connectivity, engagement and stories, across different media, that highlight the importance of being active, and how movement and active travel helps Devon become a happier, healthier and greener place for everyone, including those who are traditionally least active.

Using the #LETSMOVEDEVON hashtag, and amidst national campaigns such as #BuildBackBetter, #ReturnToPlay and #Rethink, Let’s Move aims to put Devon at the forefront of innovative, digitally enabled and community-based movements of change. The challenge will take place over seven weeks from 6 July to 23 August.

Due to the heightened safety situation and the necessity for continued precaution, social distancing, and care, Let’s Move will also support people in Devon to best understand and adhere to the evolving coronavirus situation by providing direct access to government guidance. #StayActiveSaySafe

Devon County Council Cllr. Stuart Hughes says:

“If the last few months have shown us anything, it has been the strength, fortitude and togetherness of Devon’s amazing communities. For many of us, we have also realised just how important daily exercise is for our physical and mental wellbeing. But movement also has wider and other profound impacts on our society, environment, and economy.

Following a difficult period for many in our communities, Let’s Move offers everyone in Devon an innovative way to help create a better future for all, as well as celebrating our where we live and how we continue to do to support each other. With brilliant prizes and the latest in challenge technology, Let’s Move looks set to be a huge success.”

 Active Devon CEO Matt Evans says:

 “Over the past months we have seen the strength of Devon’s local communities and people embracing the importance of staying active, either at home or safely outdoors. This new challenge combines both, and supports other campaigns and initiatives designed to help people to be active.”

Watch the full interview with Matt Evans above.

To learn more and to sign up, please visit the Let’s Move challenge and campaign page here.