Discover the Best Cycle Routes in Devon and Where to Ride

With two national parks and two coast lines, it’s no surprise Devon has some of the nicest, flattest, traffic free cycle paths in the country. But you don’t have to venture out on long rides to enjoy them. Your local park is likely to be a great place to ride when you’re getting started or as a family.

Travel Devon’s website is brilliant for all local routes and maps in your area, as well as offering a fantastic interactive map that makes planning your cycle trip that much easier. It even has links and information on all the glorious traffic free cycle paths in Devon and further afield.

If you’re still unsure where to go, and perhaps you’d rather ride with a friendly local guide to show you the way, then it’s well worth checking out British Cycling’s completely FREE Let’s ride recreational cycling programme.

They offer women only as well as mixed guided cycle rides at a host of locations across Devon and the rest of the country. Click on the links above and search for a ride near you.

It’s a great way to meet new people, explore new places and have some fun on your bike. Safe in the knowledge that should you get a pesky puncture, there is someone on hand to help.

To discover more about how you can get cycling, even if for the very first time, check out our dedicated Get Cycling page.