Expert Advice on Exercise, Pelvic Pain and Bladder Worries for Pre & Postnatal Women

In the second part of our Pregnancy Podcast series, Active’s Devon’s Gareth Dix, and Hannah Worth who is expecting her first child, are joined by Women’s Health Physiotherapist Helena Costiff. Helena, who is locally based, specialises in and around the pelvis and lower back area. This includes treating pregnant and postnatal women of all ages.

Helena talks about key issues, such as pelvic function and incontinence. These sometimes go under the radar for women through their pre and postnatal journey. Quite often they can be a major barrier to enjoying physical activity and the short and long term benefits it provides.

Hannah gives a first-hand, honest and candid account of trying to maintain a regular exercise programme throughout her pregnancy. She reveals some of the learning experiences she has gained on her journey!

This wide-ranging conversation provides a wealth of useful information, advice and valuable links for other mothers-to-be, particularly during the coronavirus restrictions.

This Podcast was recorded on-line and there is occasional small audio dropouts.

The Resources Below Are All Referenced in the Podcast:

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‘Squeezy’ Pelvic Floor App

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“At Active Devon we passionately believe that being active is important as ever. However, safety is paramount, and it is crucial that everyone follows current government guidance if leaving their home to exercise. See here for more Guidance on Being Active, and for further advice visit Get Active at Home and Get Active Outdoors. #StayActiveStaySafe.”