FAQ Club

What is Club Matters?
Club Matters is Sport England’s one-stop-shop for sports clubs which provides clubs with support, learning and guidance on all aspects of running a club whether it is large, small, formal or informal. Club Matters offers free, simple and bitesize support to all clubs.

Our club would like to work through Clubmark Accreditation – how do we sign up to the scheme?
Your club will need to register their interest online via the Club Matters website. Your enquiry will be sent to Sport England who will process your request

Our club is looking for funding – where do we start?
Club Matters provides useful information and links to various Sport England funding opportunities
How do we know if our club is following correct safeguarding procedures?
There are several things you can consider:

  • Attend a Safeguarding & Protecting Children 3 hour workshop
  • Child Protection in Sport Unit has an online self-assessment tool that will help you find out if your club is safe: www.thecpsu.org.uk/self-assessment-tool
  • The Ann Craft Trust has information regarding vulnerable adults and children with disabilities: www.anncrafttrust.org
  • Get in touch with Active Devon’s Safeguarding Lead – Karen Jones (karen.jones@activedevon.org / 07970 544406 / 01392 925150)

What is CASC?
CASC stands for Community Amateur Sports Clubs. Sports clubs play a valuable role in their communities – the CASC scheme recognises this important role by distinguishing between clubs and businesses for rates and tax purposes, ensuring money is kept in sports clubs.
Is your club missing out? www.cascinfo.co.uk helps you to make a decision on CASC registration for your club.

How can we make our club more inclusive?
The English Federation of Disability Sport (EFDS) have loads of information about inclusive club development. Head to their website to find out more: www.efds.co.uk
The Club Matters website is another good source of information

How do I set up a new club?
Go to the Club Matters website. There’s loads of information including how to start a club

What is Code for Sports Governance?
Good governance is about having the right structure, people, policies and procedures in place at your club
Go to the Club Matters website to watch a short video explaining the minimum requirements of a Code for Sports Governance which clubs applying for funding from Sport England will need to meet from April 2017 onwards. Even if your club isn’t planning on applying for funding, you should be striving to meet these governance standards as a well-run, sustainable sports club