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    Perrin Fox

    Need help to convince your SLT and teaching colleagues about the benefits of outside learning?

    Outdoor learning needs to be supported by senior leaders, governors and a knowledgeable and enthusiastic outdoor learning lead who can inspire others. Are you the outdoor learning lead waiting in the wings? If that is the case then this evidence based report is a great place to start!

    “This booklet aims to provide school staff with a compelling introduction to the value and impact of well-planned regular outdoor learning for pupils, teachers and schools as a whole. It sets out the evidence for outdoor learning and shows how schools and their staff can overcome challenges to outdoor learning, and embed it into their policy and practice. Outdoor learning can cost very little, and yet can help schools achieve their priorities in ways that engage children with learning.”

    “Outdoor learning isn’t a subject or topic; it’s a way of teaching. Natural Connections has shown that it’s possible for school grounds and local greenspaces to be used daily to enhance teaching and learning right across the curriculum, and to deliver a wide range of associated benefits, including promoting children’s social and emotional skills and their engagement with learning.”

    Our heightened awareness around the well-being of our young people, following our years battling covid, only serve to strengthen the need for greater outdoor learning opportunities. However, of crucial importance to note is the fact that not only does outdoor learning improve mental well-being but also academic achievement and behaviour too!

    These statistics from the report show clear improvements for young people:

    “Benefits for pupils
    The Natural Connections project collected data on a range of impacts of outdoor learning. Natural Connections schools reported that learning in natural environments had a positive impact on their pupils:

    Enjoyment of lessons (95%) Engagement with and understanding of nature (94%)

    Social skills (93%) Engagement with learning (92%)

    Health and wellbeing (92%) Behaviour (85%) Attainment (57%)”

    If you are that person ready to lead your school towards greater outdoor learning opportunities, then please feel free to get in touch for more support to achieve your aims and enhance the learning for your young cohort.

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