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    Perrin Fox

    Jump Start Jonny might be just what you are looking for to increase physical activity during the school day. There are lots of free activities alongside the subscription services offered by JSJ.

    Use this LINK to find out more and view some brilliant free routines to introduce during lesson time for an instant lift!

    If you are wondering who Jump Start Jonny is; read this information from the website:
    ‘Jump Start Jonny is a fitness superstar on a mission to get kids fit! His whooptastic workouts are played in schools and homes around the world and kids can’t get enough of moving Jump Start Jonny style! Be warned – you’ll probably hear him before you see him! WHOOOPA!
    Jump Start Jonny’s real-life alter ego is Jonny Stewart. Jonny absolutely LOVES exercise, particularly because it helps him burn his excess energy and control his Tourette’s.
    As a child, Jonny was never that good at sport as he was too busy running, jumping and spinning around to concentrate. But he tried his best at whatever he did and eventually went on to play squash for Sussex.
    Jonny’s plan was to become a primary school teacher, but while training at Brighton University, he fell in love with group exercise and decided to become a fitness instructor instead. After qualifying, Jonny started teaching adult classes and arranged to do a flashmob in his local town centre to promote them. To help people learn the flashmob routine, he uploaded a video to YouTube.
    Jonny’s sister was a primary school teacher in London during this time and heard about the flashmob routine on YouTube. One day, she decided to use it with her year 4 class as a way to get the children moving more – and it was a hit! The children absolutely LOVED Jonny’s workout and asked to do it every single day!
    And so Jump Start Jonny was born!’

    We love the epic energizers! Also the BEATZ section offers the more inventive an opportunity to devise their own routine using the recorded Beatz! Let us know your favourites!

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