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    Perrin Fox

    Have you had time to check out the Forest School Association? The benefits for young people have been recognized for more than 30 years based on the Scandinavian model.

    Check out this short video to find out about the core principles. It could be the most valuable 5 minutes of your week!

    The book produced by the Forest School Association, ‘Growing a Forest School from the Roots Up!’ can be ordered on their website. It provides valuable starting points and includes:

    ‘…A4 size 256 paged comprehensive and illustrative guide to setting up a Forest School is a compilation of knowledge and wisdom from some of the Forest School Association’s most experienced trainers, leaders and members.
    This book bridges the gap between the ‘Forest School curious’ and those already committed to setting up a Forest School. It tackles all the relevant information and reflective insight needed to Grow a Forest School from the roots up. Covering important topics such as:
    • The Forest School ethos and principles
    • The benefits of Forest School provision
    • The role of a Forest School Leader
    • Developing a new Forest School Enterprise
    • Setting up new Forest School provision
    • Land use and landowner agreements
    • Finding and maintaining a Forest School site
    Is setting up a Forest School the right thing for you? This book will help you decide. If the answer is ‘yes’, it will put your Forest School journey firmly on the right path. Maybe you know someone who is thinking about setting up a Forest School or wants to change the world?’

    Forest School’s learner-centred approach interweaves with the ever-changing moods and marvels, potential and challenges of the natural world through the seasons to fill every Forest School session and programme with discovery and difference. Making each session and every experience a valuable one.

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