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    Jason Wood

    Here are 7 principles for why play is so important to build into an active school, taken from Sport New Zealand. Do you agree? Do you build play into the curriculum?

    Play is important to the wellbeing of young people It is vital in ensuring young people have the best possible start in life and develop a lifelong love of community sport and being physically active.
    Play is a cornerstone of our Physical Literacy Approach
    Play is a crucial part of physical, cognitive, social/emotional and spiritual development for young people.
    Play is the shared responsibility of everyone
    It needs clear and strong leadership from those who can enable play.
    Young people must have access to enriched and varied playful experiences within their local environments.
    A variety of play types. As an individual and with others
    Adults must understand what their role is in enabling play.
    Quality play experience involves limited adult input.
    Young people need the opportunity to experience risk and challenge through play. The provision of opportunities for all children to encounter or create uncertainty, unpredictability, and potential risks (including physical, cognitive, social/emotional and spiritual) as part of their play. We do not mean putting children in danger of serious harm.
    Wherever possible, play should include the opportunity to be active.

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    Perrin fox

    Outdoor Play and Learning

    OPAL is just one of many excellent programmes to support the play as part of the curriculum. Did you know you can use your Primary PE and School Sport Premium to help fund programmes such as this one? Why not get in touch with us and we can help you to find one to suit your unique setting

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