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    Perrin Fox

    Following the successful Summer Olympics in Tokyo we are pleased to offer details of an event to connect people around the globe once again.
    “The One Run Global Relay is an extraordinary event that unites children and adults from every single country in the world in a spectacular global relay, getting people moving and creating a wave of positivity around the world.”
    It’s not hard to see how this can easily be linked across the curriculum for other subjects to join in physical activity and enjoyment, and can be offered to parents and children to take part in some way or another.
    Tell me more:
    On Friday 15th Oct 2021, schools all around the world will be getting active for 15 minutes or more. This can take any form, be at any time of the day and can be incorporated into an existing class, or done at home if there is a lockdown. It is totally free for schools to take part in and over 10,000 pupils are already signed up!

    Following this is the adults’ event on Saturday 16th Oct. Here runners from all 195 countries will lace up and run, walk or move for one hour, passing our digital baton around the entire world.

    What will schools get?

    All schools taking part in the One Run Global Relay will receive the following and more:

    Downloadable certificates for every pupil taking part.
    An information pack containing all the details of the event.
    A downloadable flyer to promote One Run to your school and the wider community.
    A letter home to parents all about One Run.
    A mini assembly to get teachers and pupils fired up for the day.
    The chance to connect with schools around the world,
    Access to optional lesson plans and an inspirational video series
    To find out more, check out the links below:

    One Run 2021 video
    More information on schools
    One Run website

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