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    Perrin Fox

    This blog offers some useful advice for both home/distance learning teachers and parents. Andrew Truby is Executive Head of 3 primary schools and here he offers some key messages, advice and supporting links for all home educators and teachers.

    “My advice to parents, which fellow teachers and school leaders may also find useful, is:
    1. get the children out of bed early and stick to the school day routine.
    2. if you can, have a defined space for children to work in – somewhere to sit with the things they need around them.
    3. keep the structure of the school day and establish a routine based on the circumstances of your home. At my schools, breaks are built into the timetable, so the children aren’t working solidly for five hours – let them run around a bit outside or do some Joe Wicks.
    4. it’s really important that children shut down their computers when school finishes.
    Most importantly, remember that you’re not alone. We’re all in this together so keep in touch with your children’s school and seek help if you need it.

    If you can’t find an answer to your question around home schooling here please feel free to get in touch with Active Devon. The Schools team here have a wealth of advice, resources and can even offer a free virtual meeting with schools.

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