Free Activity Volunteer Award Programme for Young People Across Devon

The Activity Volunteer Award programme is a free certificated award for young people across Devon.

Active Devon has partnered with SLQ (Sports Leadership Qualifications) Sports Leaders to support and encourage young people to play an active role in volunteering. The Activity Volunteer Award programme provides young people the perfect opportunity to build and test their personal development, inspiring others in their community both inside and out of their education setting.

The new programme of learning is designed to offer young people a pathway into volunteering through building transferable core skills that complement their wider education journey.

Each of the programme’s sessions targets one of five skills from SLQ Sports Leaders’ Skills Framework. Those five skills, which were identified by Youth Employment UK as being the most in-demand by employers, are Self-belief, Communication, Problem Solving, Teamwork and Self-Management.

The sessions have been designed with flexibility in mind and can be delivered face-to-face, or with learners accessing pre-recorded content at home, or a blended approach. Each session is approximately one hour long and can be delivered to suit the needs of the learner, school or organisation.

As learners complete the programme, they can record their progress in their own personal Volunteering Skills Profile, creating an evidence record that demonstrates their growing skills.

This award can be delivered by youth workers, sports coaches, and school staff. We would love for youth and education settings across Devon to offer this to the young people they engage with. The award is fully funded through Active Devon and each person who completes their Volunteer Skills Passport will get a certificated award.

Getting Involved

To find out more about the Activity Volunteer Award please contact Rebecca Skinner, Programmes Manager and Children and Young People lead at Active Devon.  You can email Rebecca via or by using our Contact Us form .