Helping Hands

Small awards & products
Open all year round
Monthly decision making


Wilko has maintained a strong charitable ethic and tries to support and to be part of the communities it serves. It aims to build sustainable local relationships through supporting charity, community initiatives and volunteering staff time. Each Wilko store has a modest budget to give a little helping hand to local groups and community projects. As well as a small award, local organisation can also receive Wilko gift cards, products or volunteers to help with projects hat benefit a community, This can range from raffle prizes, tins of paint or extra helpers to do up a community building. The following type of organisation can apply:
  • Registered charities;
  • Local voluntary groups;
  • Schools;
  • Playgroups;
  • Nurseries;
  • Parent or family groups;
  • People with disabilities;
  • Youth clubs;
  • Older Person’s groups;
  • Luncheon clubs;
  • Community and tenants’ associations; as well as
  • Appeals from the local police, fire service and/or local councils.

Application Information

Applications may be made at any time by completing the application form, which can either be downloaded from the Wilko website or collected from a local Wilko store. Once completed, the form should be handed in at the Helpdesk in your closest store. Applications are reviewed at the end of each month, after which a Wilko representative will get in touch to let applicants know the outcome of their application.