Making the Connection Grant Fund

Up to £300
Open until notified
Community led schemes
The Council’s community strategy recognises four key priorities by which it wants to lead and collaborate in its work with local people and communities; to help local people connect with each other and their wider community; to shift more control of local decisions to communities; to challenge inequality where it exists for people and communities and; to do things differently in communities. Making the Connection grants will be used alongside Devon County Council’s wider funding and delivery of key services to improve wellbeing for people and how our communities collaborate and co-exist. The Council hopes to support bids that help people to build relationships and connections locally, across all age groups; help people become more physically active; take notice of their local environment or to develop opportunities for culture, creativity or learning; to support giving across local people and communities, including volunteering, and to make people feel safer locally.   Ideas and initiatives which may be funded:
  • strike up a new community conversation; bringing people together to identify, prioritise, develop and achieve, relatively quickly, those small but important things that matter to them,
  • strengthen and develop existing community networks, connections and conversations to achieve those things mattering most to a community,
  • establish, strengthen or help expand a much needed social or physical activity or offer in a community, such as a youth group, cooking skills workshop, the room hire for a new self-care or social group, and/or tools and equipment for a group, such as a new shed for a community gardening club or fruit tree saplings for a community orchard.
  • focuses on inclusiveness and removing inequalities, loneliness, isolation, exclusion and/or anti-social behaviour across the age range; enriching the community making it a safer and kinder place to live,
  • encourage and help people to live more connected, positive, fulfilling, healthy and/or active lives,
  • support, strengthen and develop people’s learning, knowledge, expertise and skills and/or encourages people to be more active citizens and volunteers within communities.
We will consider other imaginative ideas or initiatives where a small amount of funding, not available elsewhere, can help benefit quickly a community and/or make a big difference to people’s lives within it; helping to make a safer, kinder, more connected and stronger community.