Getting Active After Pregnancy: It’s OK Not to be OK

In this latest podcast, Gareth Dix chats with Active Devon’s Project Officer Emily Van Vliet about her recent pregnancy and recovery journey.

Having recently returned from maternity leave with her second child, Emily highlights how important it is to hear from people who have been through a tougher pregnancy. They may not find it quite so easy or feel like being active.

Emily makes a point of using the phrase ‘people like me’ in helping communicate her story to encourage others. That it’s ok not to be ok, to take things slowly and remove unrealistic pressures.

During the conversation Emily talks about managing expectations, with her own realisation that just by being mum and “doing life” covers 20,000 steps a day without adding any designated activity.

Emily also emphasizes the importance of having some short time out and getting a walk or, in her case, going climbing with her partner makes a huge difference in recovery.

Later in the chat Emily points out Sport England’s inspiring ‘This Girl Can’ to encourage others. She reflects on how it helps to avoid measuring yourself against anyone else, or even yourself as every pregnancy is unique.

The podcast ends with a great top tip that “walking is golden” especially when there’s a little one on board. She suggests “just do what you can” and giving yourself a “pat on the back” every time you do.  Activity doesn’t always have to be designated.  Just the day to day can be good enough.

Take a listen!