A group of learners from early settings across Plymouth are stood in a room listening, watching and engaging with a Healthy Movers trainer who is training them on the Healthy Movers programme.

Healthy Movers Builds a Foundation for Healthy and Happy Children

The Youth Sport Trust’s Healthy Movers programme is making a positive impact on the lives of young children in Plymouth. Designed to equip children aged two to five years old with the building blocks for a healthy and fulfilling life, Healthy Movers nurtures a love of movement and builds a strong foundation in physical literacy. This includes physical development and the confidence and enjoyment of being active, which lays the groundwork for improved communication skills, wellbeing, and school readiness.

Healthy Movers in Plymouth

The Healthy Movers programme is now being delivered in Plymouth as part of our Plymouth Pathfinder work. Partnering with Youth Sport Trust, we have been offering and coordinating the Healthy Movers training, which includes sharing the Healthy Movers resources, with practitioners from early years and primary settings across Plymouth. Working together with the practitioners, we have also been looking at ways we can include Healthy Movers into their curriculum.

This is the first time we have run this type of training in Devon. The short video below explains this in more detail, whilst showing the training being delivered.

A Programme with Measurable Results

The April 2024 Healthy Movers training in Plymouth was a resounding success, exceeding capacity with participation from 21 settings. Early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, with settings reporting that 337 children participated in the programme within just one week of the training.

Building on Success and Embedding Healthy Movers

To support long-term impact, we’re offering a “Power Hour” to each participating setting. During these sessions, a tutor will visit each school and provide support for embedding Healthy Movers into their curriculum, allowing the entire school to benefit from the programme.

The Future

Working with local partners and networks, we not only want to continue to build capacity across Plymouth, but also, we want to equip early years settings across Devon with the tools and knowledge to nurture a love of movement and healthy habits in young children Devon wide.

We will be following the journey of our existing Healthy Movers settings to understand the impact, the learning, and the next steps that are needed to embed and sustain Healthy Movers. Alongside this, we are also keen to connect with new settings across Devon.

Join the Movement!

If you’re interested in learning more about the Healthy Movers training, you can register your interest for future sessions by filling in this quick Expression of Interest form.

If you train early years practitioners, we’d also love to discuss incorporating Healthy Movers into your curriculum. Please get in touch by emailing Rebecca Skinner at Rebecca.Skinner@activedevon.org

Quotes from Practitioners:

“Children have LOVED the engagement with the cards, looking at the pictures, implementing their own ideas of how to do it.” Kings School and Nursery

“We are always looking for ways support children being more active, having a way to use a quick resource to get everyone active easily is really helpful.”  Achievers Day Nursery