Helping Deliverers of Activity to Understand the Importance of Strength and Balance

In April, Active Devon in partnership with Later Life Training delivered this free two part Strength and Balance webinar.

Deliverers of activity sessions tuned in to gain a better awareness of strength and balance. And, how important this is to helping over 55s reduce the risk of long term health conditions.

We have shared the webinars as a useful resource for both those that attended and other deliverers across Devon unable to attend.

Part 1 starts with de-mystifying, physical activity, movement exercise (and exercise for falls prevention). Then looks at the provision across Devon.

Part 2 explores the topic in more depth. This includes understanding key messages needed to be successful, and preparing for the future of activity delivery. 

Our mission at Active Devon is to inspire and support the people of Devon to lead active lifestyles.

Following the review of the Chief Medical Officers’ Physical Activity Guidelines, we believe there needs to be a greater focus on enabling older people to improve their strength and balance. Coupled with our ageing population in Devon and the burden of falls related fractures and care, we recognise our unique position to drive and promote this important agenda across the county.

We also help with the delivery of a number of activity sessions aimed at people over the age of 55. These include Walking for Health and Connecting Actively with Nature.

Be a Part of Our Connected Network

To become connected to a local delivery network for activities predominantly for this group, please take our short survey on strength and balance provision.

And, if  you would like more information on our work within this area then please get in touch here.