Members of the North Devon Down's Syndrome Group out canoeing on the estuary with instructors on a lovely sunny day. There are a mix of eleven males and females on the canoe, and they are laughing and enjoying themselves whilst water is splashing up over them. In the background is the estuary bank with boats moored and trees in the distance.

How We Work

We know that we cannot achieve our ambitions on our own. Our approach will be to build relationships and influence with those who can enable people to move more.

We also know that how we work together is as important as what we try to achieve. The way we will work will be to:

Champion equality, diversity  and inclusion and challenge  inequality.

Value community perspectives,  being people led and listening  and acting upon what we learn  from lived experiences.

Be collaborative by default because working together  achieves greater impact.

Focus on relationships with  people and organisations that enable others, valuing trust as we do. 

Value flexibility, being innovative  with our approaches because solutions are often bespoke and need to be discovered.

Be open about how we prioritise resources. 

Stories & Resources

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Working Together to Deliver Positive Experiences