The young people racing on a BMX track, shows Sport for Development in action, working in partnership with Love Sports in Torbay to support teenagers to be healthier and happier.

Learn How Sport for Development Helps Young People in Devon

Sport for Development involves us working in partnership with others to drive positive change for all children and young people in Devon.

As part of this we will maximise the positive social impact of physical activity and sport. This involves us working to support young people and communities to be healthier, safer and more successful. In doing so we:

  • increase the understanding of the issues faced by young people and the role physical activity and sport can play.
  • build closer alignments and working arrangements between referral partners, the statutory sector and delivery partners.
  • enable a better equipped workforce to work with these young people and provide more quality opportunities for young people to access.

How Sport for Development Can Improve Young People’s Lives’

In the blog Why Sport for Development is So Important as We Emerge from the Pandemic, we explain why Sport for Development opportunities are needed. We also highlight the benefits of Sport for Development, such as improving young people’s physical and mental health along with their social and educational development.

How Sport for Development Provides Opportunities in Underserved Communities

StreetGames is one of the UKs leading Sport for Development charities. They change lives and transform communities through the power of sport. In this podcast: Breaking Down Barriers for Young People and Creating Opportunities, Graham Helm, StreetGames’ National Partnerships Manager talks about their work. This includes how they support young people through sport and physical activity in some of the most underserved communities in England.

How Sport for Development Supports Teenagers in Torbay to Be Healthier and Happier

Another example of Sport for Development in action is our partnership with Love Sports in Torbay. With others, they are supporting teenagers to be healthier and happier. They do this by understanding some of the issues teenagers face, and the role sport and physical activity can play. Watch the short video below:

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