Join Our Let's Walk Workplace Walking Campaign

Transform Your Health, Business and Environment with Our Let’s Walk Campaign

Launched in February 2020, the Let’s Walk campaign is all about how little changes make a big difference to you, your business and the world around us.

The campaign aims to get:

  • People at work thinking about their health and the power of walking, then walking more. This could be before, after and during work, and at weekends
  • People at work engaging more with their community and environment by walking more
  • Businesses to support a walk-friendly culture and show commitment and leadership towards a more sustainable future

Creating a Walk-Friendly Culture Has Huge Benefits

  • Walking more improves your health and wellbeing, making you happier
  • Walking more boosts energy, morale and productivity, and is good for business
  • Walking more makes our communities cleaner and greener, and protects the environment

Walking is profoundly good for personal health and wellbeing, but it is also immensely important to businesses wanting to encourage their teams to be more engaged, focused and productive, while simultaneously supporting their people to better manage stress, be happier and more mindful day-to-day, and to require fewer sick days.

The social benefits of nurturing a walking culture at work are well proven, with internal communications, staff morale and organisational creativity and problem-solving all hugely boosted as a result of teams walking more. What is less understood, but no less compelling, is the positive impact walking has on our valuing of social spaces and community as well as the environment we all inhabit.

A Little Change Makes a Big Difference

At a time when climate change and ecological breakdown threatens much of what we all take for granted, and when dangerous levels of pollution in even rural areas such as Devon are causing extreme concern, walking more – and driving less – has never been so impactful and important.

The Let’s Walk campaign is an ambitious Devon-wide attempt to marry these complex issues, and a chance for the businesses and workers of Devon to say: actually, we can make a difference in the world! And the fact is it can be as simple as walking to work or walking during work. The results – for you, your team and for us all – can be immense.

Let’s Walk and More with Devon’s Biggest Active Workplace Challenge

Running from the 1-31st March 2022, this ever popular challenge is all about encouraging you and your colleagues to be active daily, with the aim of getting to the top of the leader board and becoming Let’s Walk and More’s most active workplace!

Are you up for the challenge? Then why not team up with work colleagues and join the many businesses, companies, organisations and schools taking part in this super fun Devon-wide workplace challenge.

Whether you travel to work or work from home you can sign up, plus, there’s epic prizes to be won!

To find out more about the Let’s Walk and More Active Workplace Challenge and to sign up click here.