Keeping Active with a Long-Term Health Condition: You’ve Gotta Boogie!

Active Devon’s Gareth Dix hears from Lili John about keeping active whilst managing a long-term health condition.
helena-costiff-women's-health-physioterapistHelena Costiff

Expert Advice on Exercise, Pelvic Pain and Bladder Worries for Pre & Postnatal Women

Women's Health Physiotherapist Helena Costiff joins Active Devon's Hannah and Gareth to discuss key issues that often go under the radar.
Dr K Brennan

We Should Value Physical Activity, Exercise and Our Health!

In this latest thought-provoking Podcast Dr Kay Brennan talks about her various work involving helping people to get active and stay active.

How Can We Best Support Children to Lead Happy, Active and Healthy Lives

In this Podcast Jo covers some very thought provoking topics. For teachers, parents or carers this is definitely worth a listen.
Hannah Worth

Top Tips on Being Active and Healthy Whilst Pregnant During Lockdown

Listen to Hannah discussing her experiences of being pregnant. Plus she shares top tips on being active and healthy, and why it's worth it!
Barbara from NHS Devon talking to Active Devon's Gareth Dix whilst recording this Active Devon podcast.Active Devon

Discovering the Power of Walking After a Hip Replacement

This podcast shares a post hip surgery journey of how the power of walking and other exercise can positively impact health and wellbeing.
Tim Hollingsworth CEO at Sport England sat talking to Active Devon's Gareth Dix at the More Movement conference held in 2019.Active Devon

Tim Hollingsworth Discusses Sport England’s Future Strategy and His Links to Devon

In this Active Devon podcast recorded in 2019, CEO of Sport England Tim Hollingsworth talks about the future strategy and his links to Devon.
Aged over 70 years, Dr. John Searle is an inspiration for active ageing. He is stood with his wife at the top of a mountain whilst out skiing with snow topped mountains in the background.Active Devon

Becoming a Personal Trainer at 70 to Inspire Active Ageing

Listen to this inspirational podcast where Dr. John Searle talks about the impact of active ageing and how he became a personal trainer at 70!
A physical activity specialist from Macmillan Cancer Support sat outside sharing his thoughts on keeping active when living with a health condition.

How to Stay Active When Living with a Health Condition

In this podcast Ian a physical activity specialist from Macmillan Cancer Support shares his thoughts and suggestions for keeping active.
Active Devon's Hannah Worth cycling on her triathlon bike along the coastline with the sea in the background.Active Devon

Novice to Triathlon Competitor – An Inspiring Personal Story

In this podcast Active Devon's Hannah Worth talks about her personal journey from complete novice to triathlon competitor to inspire others.