Active Devon

Sharing How I Find Balance in Life to Help Raise Awareness of Men’s Health

Active Devon’s Gareth Dix shares his story on how he tries to lead a healthy and active life to help raise awareness of men’s health.
The volunteer who won the Outstanding Young Volunteer of the Year Award in 2023, as part of the Active Devon Volunteer Awards, is receiving her award at an awards celebration where she's volunteers.Active Devon

The Active Devon Volunteer Awards 2024

Learn more about the Volunteer Awards and how to nominate someone who goes the extra mile to support others in your community to be active.
A small group of schoolchildren are walking safely across the road with an instructor, as part of Walkability, a Child Pedestrian Training programme for Primary schools across Devon.Active Devon

Introducing Devon’s Walkability Child Pedestrian Training Programme

Walkability is a brand-new Child Pedestrian Training programme open to Devon's Primary Schools, to help children with vital pedestrian safety skills.
Photo Credit: Healthscape CIC

Physical Activity and Mental Health Project in Torbay

Sharing the journey of our pilot project commissioned by Torbay Council's Public Health team, to support mental health referral pathways in Torbay.
A woman is smiling whilst using an exercise bike at a public leisure centre.Photo Credit: Sport England

The Future of Public Leisure in Devon Report

Published by Active Devon, The Future of Public Leisure in Devon is a new collaborative discussion report offering emerging themes for change.
A parent and child walking through woods in Devon as part of Naturally Healthy May.Photo Credit: Devon Local Nature Partnership

Join in with Naturally Healthy May and Feel Happier and Healthier

With the joys of spring, Naturally Healthy May is all about getting outside and feeling the benefits of connecting actively to nature.
A young child being naturally healthy whilst out on a bike ride along the Exe Estuary Trail and stopping to do some bird watching.Photo Credit: Exeter City Council CC - Tony Cobley

Naturally Healthy May Ideas to Get Started and Connect Actively to Nature

There are lots of ways to be naturally healthy and active, and to help you get started here's a range of ideas, activities, useful links and resources.
A man, who is sat on his bicycle, has stopped to look at the natural environment around him, of grass, bushes and trees, with the sun shining through the trees.Unsplash

Our Environmental Action Plan for Positive Changes

Find out more about our environmental action plan and how we are taking action and sharing our learnings to help influence positive change.
Several children are using sports equipment including balls and hula hoops, whilst being active on school grounds after school, as a result of the opening schools facilities funding.Active Devon

Opening Schools Facilities Funding is Having a Positive Impact in Devon

See how Opening Schools Facilities funding is helping Devon schools to provide opportunities for young people and communities to be active.
Dr. George Capone, who has developed a trauma-informed non-contact boxing pilot programme Warrior Women, is assisting with pad work during a boxing session. The person she is helping is wearing boxing gloves and is hitting the pads that George is holding.Photo Credit: Natasha Boyle

A Trauma-Informed Approach to Physical Activity

Read how a trauma-informed non-contact boxing programme is helping women in North Devon feel empowered.