‘Movement & the Mind’: Dr Lucy Loveday Explores this Crucial Link

“Move for your mind and connect with the planet” says Dr Lucy Loveday in our latest engaging podcast with Active Devon’s Gareth Dix.

Lucy lives on Dartmoor with her young family. She is a qualified GP, Medical Educationalist, Acumen Leadership Fellow, NHS Clinical Entrepreneur, Health Inequalities Fellow and Founder of Movement & the Mind.

In our latest podcast, Lucy talks about her ambitions for Movement & the Mind, a global community and inspirational educational platform. It’s for anyone who is interested in the connection between mind, body and planet.

During the podcast Lucy highlights the upcoming Movement & the Mind event. It’s an accessible online conference hosted for this year’s comeback by Active Devon. We hope you will join us on Friday June 18th, 2021.

Lucy invites all listeners to join in with the conference from home, or attend as a representative from their work teams and feedback what they learn on the day. Delegates will learn, share, move and connect.

They will also have the opportunity to join a community of exceptional speakers, experts, advocates and ambassadors for mental health. There will be optional interactive movement and mindfulness sessions too, and a virtual prize draw.

As the podcast plays out, Lucy goes deeper into explaining her mission and the ‘why’ behind Movement & the Mind. Lucy shares her own lived experience of mental health challenges and the story behind this exciting and pioneering movement for positive change.

Lucy also mentions the importance of social connection, highlighting the reality of a loneliness epidemic which is such a huge and evolving challenge alongside the COVID pandemic.

In the conversation, Lucy gives some great tips on good reads. These include William Pullen’s book Run for your Life. There are also great online resources such as the Rise and Recharge app, helping us all to be more chair aware to reduce our sitting time.

Finally, Lucy lets us into her activity habits and the novel concept of ‘earth meetings’ as well as sharing her joy of walking and swimming in her local natural environment.

We passionately believe that being active is important as ever. However, safety is paramount and it is crucial that everyone follows current government guidance when leaving the home to exercise and accessing open spaces. #StayActiveStaySafe.