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Movement with Communities – Our Work in Torbay

We are committed to working with partners, to achieve positive impact for people’s lives, in local places where multiple inequalities exist. We can do this by connecting, advocating and enabling people to move more.

Working Together to Achieve Systemic Change

By working together, we can overcome more challenges and find new ways to help people in the community be active.

Our Partnerships team are our community-based leads in designated localities across the county. They work together with local and national partners, organisations, groups, volunteers and activity providers. The community-based leads for Torbay are Louise Marshall and Fabienne Beavers. You can contact Louise and Fabienne by emailing: or

We also have two members of our team who are actively engaging with local clubs and organisations across Devon, to explore ways they can provide support on welfare and safeguarding best practice. If you are part of a club or organisation and would like to have a chat to see how they can help you, please get in touch. Nick Cull is the contact for Torbay, and you can connect with him by emailing:

Our Work in Torbay

  • Supporting the delivery of Torbay Council’s physical activity ten-year strategy – Torbay on the Move. The strategy includes eight key themes which focus on helping those in the community that are impacted by multiple inequalities and who would benefit most from increasing activity levels. Working from a strategic level through to a community level, Torbay on the Move is embedding a whole systems approach to physical activity.

Who We’re Working with to Achieve Impact in Torbay

Opportunities to Connect

We bring people together to collaborate and create impact. Here’s some opportunities for you to connect in Torbay:

  • Torbay on the Move

Physical Activity Providers Hub

Our Physical Activity Provider Hub contains a range of resources from us and our trusted partners. This support is aimed to help you to build a resilient offer, reach new audiences and meet local community needs, both now and into the future.

Promoting and Delivering Your Activities

Devon Connect is a free online community hub for residents and communities across Devon (currently not including Plymouth). As a local group or organisation, you can make connections and share knowledge, information and resources.

More information on Devon Connect can be found in our Resources to Help You Achieve Best Practice blog.


“In Torbay, 9.9% of people are disabled. This is the joint highest in Devon.” Source: Census 2021