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Online Activity Challenges to Help Get Your Workplace Moving More

Introduce an Activity Challenge to Your Workplace

Join the many businesses, companies and organisations across Devon that are supporting and improving employee health and wellbeing, by introducing a workplace activity challenge. 

Whether your staff are back in the workplace or working from home or remotely, you can still introduce more movement into the working day. For us, the working day is rapidly becoming a mind-set rather than a location. This means that travelling to and from work through more active choices such as walking or cycling, is one of the easiest ways of getting more movement into your day.

Working from Home?  

Using your normal commutetowork time as an opportunity to incorporate a walk, run or cycle close to home, could help reduce stress and anxiety. What’s more, this extra movement can help you to stay healthier, happier, burn calories, be more productive and just generally feel better. 

There are so many health and wellbeing benefits to being more active and this is an ideal opportunity to get your team feeling healthier and happier. Plus, travelling to and from work is great for a healthier local environment too. 

How Can My Workplace Get Involved? 

Our Take a Challenge page showcases all of our active walking and movement challenges. We host many free challenges throughout the year which present workplaces with the perfect opportunity to support and empower their staff, to incorporate more activity and movement into their working day. 

Get in Touch:

For more information on how you can start getting your workplace more active, or for bespoke workplace challenges please contact Aaron Harverson. Aaron leads on Active Workplaces at Active Devon and you can email him via hello@activedevon.org.

Please also click here to see how full range of support and services to help you improve the health and wellbeing of your business.