Health & Care

A number of diseases are currently on the increase and affecting people at an earlier age. They include cancer and diabetes, and conditions like obesity, hypertension and depression. Regular physical activity can guard us against these.

A wealth of evidence shows that an active life is essential for physical and mental health and wellbeing.

Everybody active, every day: An evidence-based approach to physical activity


Our Work with Health and Care Sectors

We build collaborative partnerships and projects with our Health and Care partners, where possible, to help those that have the most to gain from an increase in physical activity.

We aim to demonstrate the social return on investment that activity interventions deliver and advocate for further investment into physical activity opportunities in Devon.


Our work in Action

Devon Public Health commissioned a consortium of organisations, coordinated by Active Devon, to develop and grow the Walking for Health network between August 2014 – December 2016.

We targeted our support and developed new walking opportunities for priority groups, in order to sustainably:

  • Improve health and wellbeing of walkers, principally through increased levels of physical activity
  • Develop and provide opportunities for volunteers
  • Establish an effective network for WFH

Work with us

We can help you find approaches and build partnerships that work and are sustainable. Getting everyone active calls for diverse, flexible, collaborative solutions.

We can help you tap into the huge body of insight, evidence, partnerships and opportunities you need to harness the benefits of getting people active for prevention, self-care, recovery and resilience, both for individuals and populations, and for physical and mental wellbeing.


What our partners say

“Active Devon are a cornerstone of physical activity promotion in Devon. They excel at bringing partners together to facilitate cross-sector collaboration to reduce health inequalities through physical activity. They are a key partner to Devon’s three public health teams, in addition to Public Health England South West. Their work is key to developing a whole system approach to physical activity and embedding the Government’s Sporting Futures strategy and Public Health England’s Everybody Active, Every Day framework for action”.

Lara Snowdon, Health & Wellbeing Manager, Public Health England South West