Practical Advice for Family Cycle Rides and What to Wear in All Weathers

Cycling with your family is a great way to explore your local area and spend quality time together. In an ever increasing digital world, cycling offers families the chance to get away from a screen and reconnect with nature and the natural world.

We are blessed here in Devon to have some of the nicest traffic free cycle paths in the country, making it accessible for all ages and abilities. If it’s too far to cycle to one of these as a family and you can’t quite get all the bikes in your car, then don’t worry. A guide to cycling on the road with children is a great article written by Cycling UK about riding on the roads with youngsters.

For more practical tips, advice and videos, then the Bikeability website has got it covered. Part of the Department for Transport, Bikeability is the modern day version of what you may remember as Cycling Proficiency. It’s all about gaining practical skills and how to safely cycle on our roads.

What to Wear?

You may be surprised, or even delighted to learn that wearing Lycra is not a requirement when riding a bike. In fact, chances are you could jump on a bike with the clothes you’re wearing now and be absolutely fine, provided you’re not in your pyjamas and slippers!

Of course, deciding what to wear largely depends on what season you’re in and what the weather is doing. Check out this article on Cycling UK – Beginners advice: What clothing to wear on a bike ride for more information.

If you do plan on cycling on a more regular basis and your budget permits, it could be worth investing in slightly more specialist kit. This Cycling Clothing Guide from British Cycling offers you just that.

Whatever you and your family decide to wear and whatever the weather, the main thing is to be comfortable, safe and to enjoy the ride.

To discover more about how you can get cycling, even if for the very first time, check out our dedicated Get Cycling page.