Primary School Children in Devon Can Benefit from Phizifit’s Active Home Learning

Phizifit is an innovative home learning resource. It aims to inspire, educate and motivate children aged 5-11 to lead healthier, happier and more active lives.  And, this fantastic resource is now free of charge for every primary school child across Devon!

The resource can be really valuable and helpful during the coronavirus outbreak. It’s full of age-specific, cross-curricular fun activities for children to do independently at home, or with their family.

Each Phizifit course includes over 140 active challenges across 14 levels. There are fitness workouts, mindfulness routines, science, maths, nutrition, journalism and adventurous tasks to try. Once children complete a level they can download and print their own personalised certificates.

Phizifit is free of charge until the 30th August 2020 using Active Devon’s unique discount code DVNFR33. You can sign up here. Or to find out more head over to the Phizifit website.

Please note that bank details are NOT required.

Active Devon also has a range of tools and resources including our daily timetable of suggested home activities for all ages and abilities. Take a look, pick your favourite, and make sure you #StayInWorkOut.

Exercise Safely

If you’re unsure about your ability, please be careful when attempting the exercises linked to from this page. Please also note that you’re performing the exercises linked to from our website at your own risk.

For more information, read the Latest UK Government Guidance on Being Active During the Coronavirus Outbreak.

External links may also have advice on how to exercise safely.