A group of refugees and asylum seekers staying in Dilkhusa hotel taking part in a football session as a result of the Together Fund. The group are all joining hands in the middle by way of getting themselves ready for the game.

Reducing Inequalities So Everyone in Devon Can Be Active for Life

We are working at reducing inequalities in Devon, so that everyone has the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of an active life. We do this by connecting and learning with partners, communities and organisations.

We want to tackle inequalities in the physical activity sector, by championing equality, diversity and inclusion in our work and challenging inequality when it is presented. We believe that movement can contribute to reduced societal inequalities, but how do we start doing this?

How We Champion Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Collaborating with Partners

Collaborating with partners who understand their communities is a priority, to create more opportunities to be active. A great example of this is how we helped a local disability organisation through mentoring. Our supporting communities blog also talks through some of the trusted partners we work with to improve equality and diversity.

Committing to Policies and Principles

Making sure we commit to a set of policies and principles to guide our work and represent everyone equally is important. Our Equality Policy represents our commitment to implement the Equality Standard. This is a framework for sport and equality legislation that provides the minimum standards which can be expected from Active Devon. Plus, our Diversity and Inclusion action plan includes information about how we want to increase diversity at board and senior leadership level. Both documents can be found on our Corporate Information page.

As part of Devon County Council, we are also committed to their equality and diversity principles. The council recently released the Race Equality Audit 2021, and we are proactively responding to the findings.

In addition to this, as part of the network of Active Partnerships we have signed up to the racial equality commitment to being anti-racist organisations. As anti-racist organisations, we are proactively tackling the racial inequalities that prevent or discourage people from leading active lives and enjoying the benefits of sport and physical activity. This could include participants, volunteers or people working in the sector.

Building or Joining Networks

Building or joining networks with inclusive and diverse organisations helps us to improve our knowledge and understanding of communities. Read how by networking with drug and alcohol services opened the chance for people in recovery to flourish in nature.

Supporting Coaches and Volunteers

Supporting the county’s coaches and volunteers to be inclusive in their approach is a key part of reducing inequalities and opening up clubs and groups. We have created a Physical Activity Providers Hub which includes a range of valuable and helpful resources from us and our trusted partners.

Having Inclusive Communications

Being inclusive in our communications and supporting national campaigns helps to spread the message of improving equality. Every year we support National Inclusion week, run by Inclusive Employers.

Keep Learning and Starting Conversations

Leading for renewal is a national programme that helps leaders in the physical activity sector to increase their diversity skills and knowledge. Our leaders are enrolled in different areas of the programme as it helps them to continuously build and embed inclusion into their work.

Hannah Worth, one of our Director’s, also explains how we are driving conversations about topics such as race, privilege, inclusion and exclusion, and gaining insight and understanding.

Opportunities to Connect with Us

Much of our work is about discovering common purpose with partners who are also trying to reduce inequalities and drive social change to improve the quality of life in Devon’s communities. Read more about opportunities to connect with us and examples of our collaborative work.

If you are an inclusive or diverse organisation that wants to harness the power of physical activity and sport to reduce inequality, then please get in touch using our Contact Us form.

Our Commitments

Active Devon’s commitment through leadership:

“Active Devon is also fully committed to promoting diversity in its Board Membership and Leadership.

Whilst we must ensure that the Board and Leadership is fully equipped with the skills, knowledge and experience required we are committed to maintaining gender parity on the Board and achieving greater diversity of contribution into our decision making.

The Active Devon’s Equality Policy represents our commitment to implement The Equality Standard: A Framework for Sport and equality legislation and provides the minimum standards which can be expected from Active Devon.” The Active Devon Board