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Sport England’s New Resource to Help Tackle Inactivity Through System Change

Sport England has co-produced a new resource called Putting it into Practice. The resource provides tools to support tackling inactivity through system change.

Are you working in a place trying to influence and activate change that will support communities to live active, healthier lives?

Are you looking for practical approaches, models and tools that can help to support this change?

This resource brings to life some of the approaches, models and tools shared as part of the publication People and Places -The story of doing it differently – the journey of local delivery pilots, tackling inactivity through implementing place-based, system change.

We know this work can be complex, takes time and often involves testing and learning new ways of working.  There isn’t a manual or a step-by-step guide, but there are some great tools, models and approaches. These have been designed and developed by local people in places to support progress and identify change.

Please take a look at the tools, models and approaches by clicking on the link below:

The resource will guide you through each tool explaining how, why and with whom you might use it.  You’ll also find examples of how the tool has been put into practice. Plus, the partners that have been involved, the impact it has created and what people have learnt along the way.

For example, Active Devon’s Gareth Dix writes how Active Devon and Plymouth City Council have been exploring the use of Appreciative Inquiry as a tool to adopt a positive, asset-based approach. Teacher and Creating Active Schools (CAS) champion, Ben Cunliffe shares his experiences of putting the CAS framework into practice and the importance of changing mindsets, learning and moving forwards. You can read his blog here. You can also hear from our colleagues in South Tees who help to explain their common purpose model in more detail.

Working Collaboratively with Partners

Working with partners across the sector we want to support the growth and exchange of place-based learning between people, organisations, and across places to help tackle stubborn inequalities in local communities.

Over the next few months, we will collaborate with organisations to create spaces to explore and delve deeper into some of the learnings and tools shared as part of this resource and hear about others being used across the network.

We’ll hold three spaces that will focus on:

  • Identifying relationships, mapping progress and identifying gaps.
  • Embedding sport and physical activity in the system and identifying change.
  • Developing community insight and understanding.

If you’d be willing to share your experiences of any tools, models, or approaches that you’ve been developing and implementing as part of these learning spaces Sport England would love to hear from you.  Please email ldpcommunityoflearning@sportengland.org.

If you have any questions about the resource then please contact Claire Beney or Gareth Dix, both Directors of Strategic Relationships at Active Devon, via our Contact Us form.